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Since 1970...

It has been our pleasure to serve the freshest and most delicious Italian and Sicilian food available. It really started before 1970, when Tommaso “Mazzi” Ernandes decided to set out from his home in Favignana, a little island about 12 miles off the westernmost tip of Sicily.

His son, Frank, attended the University of Oregon in Eugene and, after graduating, decided to open a little Italian restaurant named after his father. Papa wanted to be where the action was and took Mama with him. They loved to help around the restaurant.

Many of our recipes are adapted from the families of Papa and Mama Mazzi, and originate from Favignana. Each dish carries the homemade stamp of quality usually found only in the Italian home kitchen. That is why we like to say that when you are at Mazzi’s, you are in our home. The food is made for you as it has always been prepared for our own family.

We use the finest ingredients we can buy. Our vegetables are fresh and, when in season, usually from our own farm or the local area. The fresh basil, which is the main ingredient in our pesto, is grown on our own family farm. Our tomato products are grown and packed by a small Italian family-owned farm. Our bread is baked in our kitchen early each morning. We make our Italian sausage according to the recipe from our cousin, Franco Ernandes of Favignana, and our fettuccine is made daily on a little pasta machine from Italy.

So, when we say “We hope you enjoy our food,” we want you to know that we are talking about the food of our family, our history, our heritage.

So, Mangia! Eat! Enjoy!



Mazzi's farm is located just over the hill in South Eugene. We grow herbs, fruits and vegetables that we utilize in the restaurant and bakery seasonally.

We are committed to keeping things as natural as possible; we don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on any of our crops.

"Take good care of the soil. It takes care of the plants, and in turn they take care of all of us."

-Papa Mazzi

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